Entebbe is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria. Like in the whole country, it has a hot and wet climate. It is mainly hotter in January than in any other months. Nevertheless, the vegetation remains green. October and November are usually wet seasons and it rains cats and dogs. However there seems to have been a change in the atmosphere and the seasons have changed.

Being on the shores of the famous Lake Victoria, many  people in this area are farmers while others are civil servants. Entebbe as a municipality is Privileged with a good number of offices and important places like the International Airport, the Educational center where animals and birds are kept, State House to mention but a few. This enables our school parents to have employment opportunities.


This school was founded by Religious Nuns or Sisters of Mary Reparatrix far back in 1930 with 30 girls only. They were girls because the Sisters then had seen that they were a marginalized group who needed a great deal of assistance especially as far as formal education was concerned.

During that time, many parents thought that girls’ formal education was not very important as they would be married off and their job was in the kitchen. This school remained a girls’school till 1972 when it was made a co- educational school. To date, the school has grown from 30 pupils  to 920 pupils. Out of these, 350 are in boarding section (sleep at the school premises) and 50% of which are Orphans who can’t contribute anything to the development of the school.


The school is located 35 kilometers along the Kampala — Entebbe highway. It is just 2 kilometers away from Entebbe Airport.


Most pupils come from relatively poor families who can’t contribute-much to the maintenance of their children’s education, leave alone providing them with the basic requirements needed at the school. The school registered 410 Orphans who lost both parents due to HIV/AIDS scourge. These Children are given some odd work in order to get the basic needs like books, pens and pencils. However, they can’t get school fees and they are on the Headmistress’ shoulders


St.Agnes has qualified and experienced teachers. The staff comprises of 32 teachers and 6 support staff. The government pays salaries for 21 teachers and the rest are recruited on private arrangement between the parents and the school.


ST. Agnes is very well known for its academic performance since 1972. It has won very many Municipality trophies and wherever these pupils go, they excel in their studies.


We engage our pupils with music, dance and drama (MDD), football, netball volley ball, rugby and a variety of other games. All pupils are encouraged to participate in those activities in order  to be an all-round child



The school registers children between the age of 5-13 and very few go up to 14. There

are seven Levels of classes namely:

 Primary One, between the age of 5-6 and few 7 years

Pupils from primary One to Two are supposed to be promoted using cumulative assessment records while classes from P3-P6 have to seat for promotion examinations. Primary Seven has to seat for national examinations which leads them to secondary level. In the curriculum pupils learn the following subjects:

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Social studies (History, geography and civics)
  • Religious Education
  • Physical Education
  • Home Economics
  • Art and Craft
  • Music
  • Kiswahili
  • Local language (luganda)
  • Agriculture
  •  Computer Studies


As school which was founded on the principles of Christianity, we have secured a plot of land where we want to construct an Orphanage house to accommodate children whose both parents have either died of AIDS or were Victims of war. We wish to furnish this orphanage

with the necessary equipments which can make these unfortunate children  have a descent  and better life.

This  needs a lot of planning and support (prayer and finances)


Our pupils associate in several clubs like MDD, Wild life, Girl Guiding, Scouting, Straight Talk, Red Cross and a number of religious clubs

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