Nsambya Babies home


Nsambya Babies home is a registered charitable organization which belongs to Child Welfare and Adoption Society (CWAS). It has its headquarter at Nsambya, one of the suburbs of Kampala Capital City. It was established in 1958 to coordinate child care activities and it operates under Kampala Archdiocese. The sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya started managing this home in 1989 with the late Sr. Consolanta Nakissozi who was the administrator.


CWAS is a Christian non-government organization that advocates for children and promotes the care of vulnerable ones to grow into responsible adults.


To promote the welfare of abandoned, orphaned and neglected children of all races and creed.

To promote fostering and adoption of the abandoned children


  • Child care protection
  • Tracing of relatives for family resettlement
  • Arranging adoption and foster care
  • Promote the practice of positive parenting, counseling children and parent
  • Follow up and psychological support for families of these abandoned children
  • Providing education for the abandoned children
  • Advocacy and lobbying


  • Nsambya Babies’ Home
  • Kankobe Children’s Home / St. Clare Vocation Training Centre
  • Nateete Family Group Home (NFGH)

 Nsambya Babies’ Home (NBH):

This Babies’ home cares for abandoned children between 0-5 years old

 Kankobe Children’s Home (KCH):

This takes care of children between 6-14 years. It is a continuation of Nsambya Babies’ Home and orphans from outside. It is found at 48km on Kampala-Masaka Rd, in Mpigi District. At the age of age 6-14 years, adoptions are very rare (almost none). There is a paramount need for a safe environment where children without families can grow up healthy and become responsible adults.

 Nateete Family Group Home (NFGH):

14 years and above these are youth who have outgrown Kankobe Children’s Home. They are either students seeking employment or are already working, but not yet fully independent of CWAS.

 St. Clare Vocational Training Center:

St. Clare vocational Training center is located at Kankobe in the children’s home perimeter. Most of the student in this centre are outgrown orphans from Kankobe children’s Home and others are orphans from surrounding areas. The purpose of the center is to train girls and boys who cannot afford to continue with higher education. With this training, they are able to acquire skills in different fields, which can help them to become self-sustainable in future. Course offered include: catering and hotel management, tailoring and design, saloon, hair dressing, beauty therapy and computer training. At the end of the course students are awarded certificates.

 Ways to help:

  • Join the baby milk brigade by promising to donate a tin of infant formula on a regular basis
  • Families and individuals able to provide emergency short term fostering of, particular vulnerable, babies are      often needed.
  • Funding priorities or conduct a fundraising activity to support a specific need like a child’s education.
  • Take up a collection of basic things needed in life, from homes, schools, church, workplace or community          group.
  • Volunteer to assist with direct care of the children on a regular basis.
  • Support the children’s medical fund by shopping at “Abato” shop at Nsambya Babies’ Home


Nsambya Babies Home

P.O.BOX 3494

Tel 0414510224