Cabana Restaurant


Cabana Restaurant is a private enterprise founded and owned by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix- Ggogonya (I.H.M.R). It was started on 9th leadership of Mother Lawrence Namata and her Council. Sr. M. Monica Linda Namusisi was the first manager of this restaurant. This project derived its name from the founder of the above religious institute, the late Archbishop Joseph Louis Cabana.

It is strategically located 13 miles along Kampala-Entebbe highway. The establishment has a building that can accommodate 200 people (seats), an attractive garden which can accommodate 2000 people (seats) , it has enough parking area, provides quick and affordable services, facilities 

for parties and wedding receptions, outside catering, and venue for all nature of functions.

It occupies approximately 2.5acres with beautifully designed gardens and conducive ambiance. 

Cabana Restaurant is well known for its warm and quiet environment and delicious meals most especially” The whole fried and appetizing Cabana Fish”

Current Situation:

Cabana Restaurant is managed by the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Repearatrix-

Ggogonya currently directly by Sr. Theopista Auma, assisted by Sr. Stephania Namubiru and a staff of 25 members all well trained chefs and graduates in catering and HotelManagement. 

Cabana Restaurant offers both continental and local foods, Snacks, pizzeria, sandwich, coffee and teas, bakeries and confectionaries and take away. Pop in for a nice treat.

Vision: Efficient provider of Restaurant services

Mission: To generate funds and help people to create jobs through efficient restaurant services for the greater Glory of God.

Motto: Nourishing the body and soul.


• To create a welcoming atmosphere for the people of God.

• Income generating project for the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix  (I.H.M.R).

• To offer catering services for different functions.

• To create job opportunity for the youth.

• A Centre of industrial training for students pursuing catering from various Institutes

• To offer venue for meetings and various functions.

• To provide quality foods to the people of God.


  • Ample parking space
  • Foods and drinks
  • Buffet
  • Outside Catering services
  • Take away
  • Venue, Parties, weddings, reception etc
  • We Cater for Industrial training for students who pursue, Hotel Management.

Future Plan:

  • We hope to raise funds to Renovate our structures and put an extension
  • Purchasing a vehicle for the restaurant activities and transporting customers in need of this service
  • We hope to buy more furniture and equipment.
  • We hope to continue modernizing the Restaurant. 
  • We hope to buy cash teller machines

WORKING HOURS:  6:00am to 10:00pm

For bookings;

contacts us on:

Tel: +256 412 541 024

Mobile:+ 256 772 590 794 /  705119209

E-mail at