Patron: Our Lady Queen of Peace

Historical Background:

Queen of peace is the rest house for the elderly and sick Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya. This house was officially opened in 2007 with its first superior as Sr. M. Jane Rose Nakimwero and many other elderly and sick sisters 


Queen of peace is situated next to the chaplaincy of the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya. It is in the same locality with the Mother-house, a distance of about 200 meters form each other.

Accommodation Facilities:

Queen of peace community has a guest wing which offers accommodation to members of the Public especially those who may be coming or going to Entebbe International Airport. It is also very conducive for retreats for religious both men and women who would wish to have 8-days retreat.

 Current Situation:

The house is presently having twenty nine (29) sisters among whom twenty one are elderly and sick and the rest are the supporting staff. This house also has four ladies who help with other casual duties like attending to the compound, laundry, gardening and cooking among others. Sr. M. Josephine Victoria Sserabidde, who is the Councilor in charge of health for the Institute doubles as the Administrator of this home. She works with the Nurses and other Sisters to support  the community. 

Majority of the elderly sisters in Queen of Peace are above 80 years, however those who are not bed ridden are very active in small duties where they give a hand for instance in handwork, cleaning and tidying up the place. They too spent good time with the Lord praying for the whole Institute and the whole world which is their major assigned job at this stage.

The community rears some animals like Pigs and poultry which are for home consumption though at times they sell them to raise some income to pay off casual laborers.

Future Plan:

  • Given Funds, the community wishes to expand the piggery and poultry  to increase production
  • They also have rare mushrooms. However, the space is limited – there is a need for expansion if availed with funds
  • Given that  the house in which the Sisters live is old and rather uncomfortable, a new building for the elderly is under construction a few meters from the current house. We are in the efforts of soliciting funds to complete this new and more decent home.


Queen of Peace Ggogonya

P.O Box 1


Tel +256785631967

Our Mission

A body of joyful bearers of the gospel of restitution to our poor and marginalized brothers and sisters for the realization of the Kingdom of God

Our Vision

To lead people to a joyful experience of their redeemed human dignity; hence, participating in restoring the gracious relationship between God and creation through prayer and work

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