This is a brain child of St. Kizito High School Bethany and it almost has everything in common like its mother save for it being a mixed school. It was founded and started by the Sisters of IHMR in 2011 in the person of Sr. M. Salome Nambi and a group of friends from America who hail from Wisconsin.

 It was in 2006, when a group of people from the neighboring villages of St. Kizito high school, namely: Kireku, Kikoko, Busolo, Ngugulo, Sugezi, Mpogo, Buteeteeyi, Buwemula and Mayirye approached Sr. Salome the headmistress of St. Kizito High –Bethany, on the need to have a School in the area that can accommodate both boys and girls at a secondary level and at an affordable cost. This was seen as an urgent need for in the entire Parish of Mpogo the only nearest secondary school was within a radius of 13 kilometers and this hindered many potential students from walking to the school. This was leading to many school drop-outs after Primary level.

This school is named after the Patroness of the America – Our Lady of Guadalupe, who appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico.


It is located two and a half miles from St. Kizito High School Bethany but in Gomba district while its Mother school, St. Kizito is in Mityana District (boardering Mityana and Gomba districts)


Motto: Faith in God and self discipline

 Vision: To nurture god fearing boys and girls for a productive and fruitful life

 Mission: Molding god fearing and versatile individuals by exposing them to a variety of skills


Future  Plan:

  • To furnish and equip the Laboratory building
  • To start a live stock project for feeding of students
  • To have more plantations to help with securing food


Our Lady of Guadalupe

P.O Box 40

Maddu Gomba

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