Nkozi Hospital


To be a center of excellence for holistic and quality health service delivery with Christian values so that they may have life and have it more abundantly


To uplift healthy standards of the community with preference to the vulnerable ones through a comprehensive model of high-quality health service delivery


Nkozi Hospital is a Private Not for Profit (PNFP) Hospital owned by Kampala Archdiocese. It was founded by the White Sisters of Our Lady of Africa from the Netherlands in 1942. The management was transferred in 1994 to the local congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix- Ggogonya, Kisubi first headed by Sr.M.Elizabeth Nakyeyune. The Hospital is currently still run by the Sisters under the guidance of the Board of Governors. The Hospital enjoys good collaboration with the Government of Uganda and it is the referral health facility for Mawokota South Health Sub-District. It is accredited by Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB).


Nkozi Hospital is located in Mpigi District, 83kms along Kampala-Masaka highway and 3km after branching off on the right-hand side at Kayabwe Trading Center. In the Southern part, the HSD stretches along the shores of Lake Victoria while in the Southwest it borders with Masaka District. Butambala District is in the North and Mawokota North HSD in the East.

The Hospital’s catchment area is traversed by the Equator at latitude and longitude. The latitude is between 1,200m and 1,400m above sea level while the land area is 485.67 sqm. There is a tropical climate with a mean temperature of 22oC and two major rainfall seasons in a year.


  • To increase patient’s spiritual care and support

  • To prevent the spread of major communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, MALARIA, and water-borne diseases).

  • To improve infection control

  • To contribute to improved health for people living in Mawokota South HSD

  • To strengthen PHC Department

  • To contribute to the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality rates

  • To increase Staff retention

  • Ensure financial stability


Nkozi Hospital as the headquarters of the Health Sub District offers the following services exceptional to all Lower Level Health Units.

  • Implementing Government/Ministry of Health Policies namely the HSSIP, HCT etc.

  • Planning, budgeting and monitoring of work plans for the lower level health units and the entire Health Sub District especially on the use of the Primary Health Care funds and delivery of the Uganda National Minimum Health Care Package.

  • Provision of logistical support particularly drugs and supplies among the lower-level units using the PHC funding.

  • Offering regular support supervision to the lower-level units.

  • Avails additional services like:

  • Surgical services- has an operating theatre.

  • Ultra-sound scan services

  • X-Ray services

  • Supervision of medical students

  • Renal and Liver function tests.

  • CD4 count

Nkozi Hospital operates 24 hours and offers preventative, curative, and promotive health services both onsite and in outreaches. It has both inpatient and outpatient services:

Inpatient departments include;

  • General ward (Children’s ward, Male and Female wards)

  • Maternity

  • Private ward

Outpatient services include;

  • Antenatal Clinic

  • HIV/AIDS Clinic

  • Dental Clinic

  • Immunization

  • General Outpatient Clinic (for children and adults)

  • Private Outpatient Clinic

Community Health Department (PHC)

  • Home care

  • School Health

  • VCT and EMTCT

  • Outreaches

  • Support supervision

  • TB programme (CB DOTS, TB REACH)

  • Malaria Prevention

Other services offered by the Hospital

  • X-ray and scan services

  • Laboratory services

Future Plan

  • There is a need to strengthen the relationship with lower-level units such that they continue referring patients from the community to the Hospital plus other health programs

  • Continuous Health Education in the community during outreaches such that the use and protection of water are emphasized to reduce the spread of water-borne diseases in the area.

  • To strengthen the partnership with the district to lobby for government seconded staff to sustain the human resource requirement of the hospital.

  • To create an extension of the maternity ward to accommodate the increasing number of mothers in need of reproductive services.

  • To construct additional hostels to safely accommodate the hospital staff.


This chapter spells out the governance and management roles, functions, and duties of the Board of Governors (BOG), the responsibilities of the sub-committees, and the Hospital management team.

HIV/AIDS Clinic: This clinic runs from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. It has full-time staff; services in the clinic include counseling, treatment of Opportunistic Infections and provision of ARVs, Health education, provision of starter kits to HIV positive clients. This clinic is now supported by UCMB through the ACT program who took over from CRS in December 2011.

Dental Clinic: This department has a dental surgeon assisted by an enrolled nurse. This clinic operates on Tuesdays and Fridays, procedures include tooth extraction, root canal filling, etc.

Immunization Clinic: This clinic runs from Monday to Friday in the week with a full-time staff. Activities include health education, immunization, screening babies for abnormalities, etc.

Antenatal and Postnatal Clinic: The antenatal cases are attended to by staff from the maternity ward and postnatal cases are attended to by midwives and some cases by medical doctors. Health education is offered to all mothers who come for these services.

Future plans:

  • There is an urgent need for members of staff in the CPC department to complete their units such that they gain more knowledge and skills.

  • Need for more pastoral caregivers.

  • Quarterly evaluation with an immediate supervisor or any member of the hospital management team


Nkozi Hospital

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