Mother Kevin Nursery School is a private Catholic Church founded non-profit making organization established in 1989 as a simple Nursery School to avail free education for the children in Nsambya Babies Home and within the vicinity to provide a decent education to children in slum areas around whose parents could not afford paying fees in other neighbouring nursery school because they are too expensive. Mother Kevin Nursery School is an arm of Nsambya Babies Home both owned by Kampala Arch-Diocese.

Since founding on 5th/June/1989, it has been managed and headed by Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix- Ggogonya sisters .The Pioneer sisters being the late Sr. M.  Consolata  Nakisozi who was the matron of Babies Home and Sr.M.Veronica Mukankubana (RIP) as the first Headmistress in the school. Both the Nursery school and the Babies’ home are being administered by IHMR Sisters.


Mother Kevin is found in Nsambya a surburb with in the Capital-Kampala and monitored by Kampala Capital City Authority in Nsambya Parish-Kampala Archdiocese – Kampala district. It is approximately a mile away from the city and you branch off from the Queen’s way on Ggaba- Kasanga road.



  • To provide quality education for the orphanage kids plus those from the nearby communities.
  • To ensure that the home children interact fully with other children from neighbouring communities.
  • To help children from the slum surroundings to acquire education at a lower cost.
  • From the fees paid, an extra income should be collected to assist the babies in the home.


The school administrator is Sr. M. Agnes Kansanze supported by a teaching staff of eleven members and a non-teaching staff of five members. The school enrolment is 205 pupils in three classes’ baby, middle and Top. The school has a management committee as the policy making body and a board of governors Sr. Maria Agnes Kansaze is now the current school Administrator and Mr.Kayongo Victor –the Chairman for Board of Governors.

The school offers the following subjects ; English, Numbers, Science, Reading (English &Luganda) ,Writing, Religious Education, Social studies, Music Dance and Drama, Art and Craft, Health Education, Toilet habits, Eating habits, and generally acceptable human manners.


  • We hope to complete the three storied building to enable us have enough space
  • We hope to buy a school van given the funds
  • We hope to construct rentals for income generation to the babies; home
  • We hope to start up a poultry farm soon


Mother Kevin Nursery School

P.O.Box 3494

Tel +256 41266131/+256 772 502 935

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