Compared to the last years Kigwanya sisters farm has continued to grow into an outstanding project to support the IHMR institute and the community at large. Sisters are working very hard as you can hear them say from the video clips to improve on the quality of animals like pigs, cows goats and at the same time promoting organic farming and improving the lives of the people around their  community.

In kigwanya  sisters community that is found in Kiboga sisters do not only dedicate themselves on the farm work but they teach Catechism  to draw people  closer to God and give them counseling for a positive living, they don’t end at that but  teach them how to practice organic farming and how to care for their lives by using natural foods and medicine at no cost.

Sisters have benefited from this project as can been from the videos but they still do face a lot of challenges. Among them is the drought yet constructing a pond as the only way of getting water is hard and very expensive. They also face the challenge of diseases that do disturb their animals and scarcity of animal feeds and expensive fencing of all their farms.

All the same sisters in Kigwanya farm are very grateful for the support from the superiors, and all people of good heart who support them in different ways more especially through advice and financial support.


Our Mission

A body of joyful bearers of the gospel of restitution to our poor and marginalized brothers and sisters for the realization of the Kingdom of God

Our Vision

To lead people to a joyful experience of their redeemed human dignity; hence, participating in restoring the gracious relationship between God and creation through prayer and work

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