INTERDIP-UGANDA is a Pastoral programme in Uganda operating from Kampala and Wakiso Mityana, Mubende, Amudati, Mpigi and Masaka Districts. It was started in the year 1995 to promote peaceful co-existence through inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue activities to promote harmony and multi-religious co-operation between people of different cultural backgrounds, Christians and other religious traditions in Uganda.

Inter-religious and Intercultural  Dialogue Programme INTERDIP –Uganda is a Pastoral  Programme purely Interfaith which work very closely with  ( men, women, youth, and children ) brings together people from various Faith and Cultural Institutions in Uganda in particular Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Orthodox, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Bahais and Seventh-day Advents to promote World Peace.

We promote Peaceful co-existence through Inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue, harmony and multi-religious and Cultural cooperation in Uganda. We have Programmed on Peace and Justice,  Women ‘s Programmes on Economic empowerment, Maternal  Heath, We promote Peace and Human Rights we are also sensitive about issues of Climate Change and we also promote environmental Protection. We also work very closely with Educational Institutions, Universities, Seminaries Primary and Secondary Schools.

We promote our Programmes in Kampala and Wakiso Mityana, Mubende, Amudati, Mpigi and Masaka Districts Districts where our Sisters serve in Uganda

 This programme was created as a means of trying to check on the adverse effects of situations characterized by disunity and violence based on especially cultures and different religious affiliations.

Its was started by  Sister Maria Goretti Kisakye  a member of the IHMR Gogonya Sisters working in Uganda. At the initial stage, Sister worked very closely with  Swaminayarani BAPs of the Hindu Temple Community of Uganda, Rhamughalia Sikhs Society of Uganda and the Ishmael Muslims followers of Agakhan living in Uganda and other UMSC. Christians mainly Catholics Orthodox Church, Anglicans, SDA Youth wing, NKUMBA University, Agakhan University, St Mbaaga Ggaba Seminary and many other peace-loving people who participated in many Dialogues which were organized between 1995-up to 2010 at Swaminayarani Hindu Temple in Kampala. 

 The purpose of this programme is basically to sensitize and train women, youth children and religious leaders in peacebuilding, and to coexist peacefully. For example, masses are sensitized to the advantages of practising the various forms of dialogue among themselves, in communities, in families and at all levels.

In 2012 the IHMR Ggogonya Sisters Launched their ever first Strategic Plan.

 IHMR Ggogonya Sisters incorporated INTERRELIGIOUS AND INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE PROGRAMME under Strategic Goal NO 4  and 5 states “to Establishing Forums for communication, dialogue, harmony and cooperation.”

5. “Promoting Peace, Human rights, democracy, and good governance in communities and the country at large. “

 INTERDIP-UGANDA  is affiliated to the Pontifical Council for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue in the Vatican which was constituted by Pope Paul VI on the 19th May 1964, to promote peace around the world in accordance with the spirit of the VATICAN COUNCIL II DECLARATION, in particular, NOSTRA – AETATE (The relations of the Church to non- Christians). 


We envision the World at peace, people from various religions and Cultures in Uganda living in harmony and having a dialogue for peace and development.


INTERDIP- UGANDA exist to uphold peaceful co-existence, unity, religious and cultural Values through inter-religious and inter-cultural Dialogue as one family.


“Unity in diversity for Peace and Development.


Advocacy for peaceful co-existence, cooperation between ethnic groups and different religions in Uganda  


  •  To promote mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between people of different cultures, men,            women youth and children,  Christian Non- Christians found in Uganda.
  •  To create opportunities for the Inter-Religious Community in Uganda to come together to reflect upon their        Challenges in the New Millennium to work towards development for the Common good for the betterment of Mankind.
  •  To PRACTICE and PROMOTE the four forms of Dialogue which provide a space for unity in Diversity and a          channel for PEACEBUILDING and CONFLICT RESOLUTION.
  •  To promote spiritual and cultural Values that act as sources to conflict resolution, bring about harmony in society and protect human dignity.

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