The independent formation House of the IHMR Novitiate for the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya was started in 1994 by Sr. Maria Felicitas Babirye. The major purpose of this current Novitiate was to separate the Novices from the Sisters of Ggogonya Mother House so that Novices get a special conducive environment for prayer and also to listen to the voice of God who is calling them to follow Him. Sister Babirye Felicitas was the first Novice Mistress in the then-new system, followed by Sr. Maria Jane Frances Nnantamu, Sr. Maria Veronica Mukankubana, Sr. Maria Josephine Nazziwa, Sr. Maria Sarah Nnaamala  and Sr. Maria Nabakka who is the current Novice Mistress.


The Novitiate is located right behind Cabana Nursery school and next to Ggogonya Mother house. This is near the Kampala-Entebbe Highway. It is approximately 13 miles from the capitaL of Kampala, you branch off at Kawuku trading center. 


To help the Novice know and find Christ at a deeper level by learning skills of living in a community, exercisizing of the three evangelical counsels which will gradually enable her to respond to her call generously and freely for the Mission of the Institute  and the entire Church.


  • To ensure that the Novice is firmly rooted in Christ
  • To ensure that the Novice learns and practices the evangelical counsels and Gospel values.
  • The Novice strives to achieve a holistic integral maturity and grows in the spirituality of the institute  and its        mission within the Church


Currently, there are  five (9) senior Novices and seven (10) Junior Novices. Their Novice Mistress is Sr. Maria  Margaret  Nakibuuka, Sr. Maria Maurice Nakyeyune her assistant,  and some other formators. We have also the two chaplains Fr. Emmanuel Kasajja and Fr. Kizito Kalemeera who assist in the teaching.

Anyone who would to join our Institute can contact us below.


Ggogonya Novitiate P.O Box 1


Tel +256782947832 and  +25670358776

E-mail us at marianabakka


RISING                                                    5:20 am

MORNING PRAYERS                                 5:45 am

MASS                                                        7:00am

BREAKFAST                                                8:00 am

CLASSES                                                   9:00am

EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE                     12:30 am

LUNCH                                                      1:00pm

HANDWORK                                           AFTER LUNCH

ROSARY                                                     3:30pm

GARDEN                                                     4:00pm

EVENING PRAYERS                                        6:30pm

SUPPER                                                      7:30pm

NEWS                                                         8:00pm

PREPS                                                        9:00pm

EXAMEN                                                     10:00pm



  • Prayer
  • Liturgy
  • Religious life
  • Human development
  • The church
  • Christian Morality
  • Handcraft
  • Group growth

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