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Back ground:

Every journey starts with the first small step. The inspiration for HUGS came from the vision and values of Musanji, father of Fr. John Kyazze, Andrew Ssempijja and a family of 15 children. Born Karoli Tebaasoboke Mukasa Lubyaya on November 11th 1928 near Mubende, Musanji sold pepper to earn enough money to pay for his own schooling.

He married Zoe Nankinga in 1948 and worked as a Primary School teacher from 1945 to 1967 and as a local government officer from 1968 to 1976, living through Ugandan Independence and the Idi Amin years.

He once said that his biggest achievements came before he was 40. He might have been mistaken. His legacy and his vision and values have inspired his next generation and through them many hundreds of others to join in the journey of education.

On the first occasion I met him he raised the question “why is my country so far behind so much of the developed world?” The answer to his question is complex, but one thing is certain. Education is the only route out of hunger,

corruption, and poor health. It is a long journey but he took that step and inspired others to join with him.

Sometimes if we think we are tall it is because we are standing on the shoulders of others. Trustees Denise Ead and Peter Mount were present at his memorial service in Uganda on December 19th 2009.

Since 1995 HUGS and its supporters have been able to help develop the St Zoe Campus at Kagoma with primary, secondary and vocational education. HUGS has also supported St Kizito’s, a primary school near Kampala. Working with the Banyatereza Sisters at Fort Portal HUGS has developed a school for children with special needs.

Support has also gone to PMM Girls Secondary School at Jinja, Strive Secondary School at Hoima, Lira Babies Home St Therese’s Rukira, Asili Girls Secondary School and special support for 61 school and university students.

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Below are some of the photos from the Primary section of Zoe Schools.