Ggogonya farm was founded and is owned by the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix – Ggogonya. It started in 1970 spearheaded by Sr. M. Chrysostom Nambaziira with an aim of feeding the sisters and improving on their deity. Since it is an independent project, the surplus of all products from this farm is usually disposed of through sale to raise funds to run and maintain it. The farm occupies approximately 10 acres of land among which there is a forest, six paddocks for cattle, ten fish ponds, pigs, and poultry. A few times this farm has gotten students from nearby schools who come for study tours and research.

Current Situation:

The farm is currently headed by Sr. M. Agnes Atai who is trained in Agriculture and animal husbandry. It has a number of subunits including 20 cattle of crossbreed, Jersey, and Friesian breeds. It also has pigs and a few goats. About 6,000 fish are in the fish ponds and these include species of cut fish and tilapia. The farm is as well inclusive of a man-made forest with different species of trees.

Apart from the rearing of animals and fish, the farmland is also used for food plantations of multiple types.

 Future plan:

  • We hope to Construct an up-to-date cattle dip.
  • We hope also to enlarge our paddocks by planting more grass.
  • We hope to strengthen the fencing of the farm to minimize external threats.
  • Making necessary arrangements for the  continuity of poultry and fish  project Planning for Zero grazing            system on the farm


Ggogonya Farm

P.O Box 1 Kisubi-Entebbe (Uganda)

Tel:+256 701 073 985

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