St. Zoe Schools

Background information:

St Zoe schools are located in a remote place in Mubende district about 100kms from the capital city of Uganda.

These schools were started by Rev Fr. Chrysostom Kyazze in the year 2001 with the intention of bringing up a holistic child, hence forming a self – reliant citizen of the area. In addition to that, he also intended on improving the education level of the children in the area since by then education in the area was very poor. Rev. Fr. Kyazze, started with the primary section but with time, he extended the primary section to secondary and vocational levels respectively. Gratitude goes to him for the initiative and efforts put in.

In December 2013, Rev Fr. Kyazze decided to hand over the schools to the sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix (IHMR)-Ggogonya to take the administrative work and to own the schools at large. Since then we the sisters of IHMR are doing the administrative work as well as teaching in the various school sections. However, even though Rev Fr Kyazze handed over St. Zoe-Schools, he still works hand in hand with the IHMR sisters for its development and growth.

MISSION: to be a model and focused center in education moral values and general development

VISION: to train all around person capable of self-reliance

MOTTO: education for life

Below are some of the current pictures of St. Zoe Sisters’ garden and house


The Director St. Zoe Schools

P.O Box 68 Mubende

Tel +256 788 044 877