St. Mary’s s.s.s – Nkozi

School Mission:

To provide good quality Education based on Christian values aimed at producing useful citizens.

SCHOOL Background

St. Mary’s Secondary school was started with a senior one in February 1983 by Kampala Archdiocese together with the parents of Nkozi Sub-county as a private Ordinary level mixed day school. It was registered by the ministry of Education and sports on 21st September 1983 with Registration number PSS/N/15. It started getting government aid in 1985. The school offers both Science and Arts school subjects and the pioneer students sat the UCE Examinations in 1996 on centre number U0616.

By 1998 the school became fully government aided and the first officially appointed Headteacher was posted to the school on 1st May 1988. That was Mr. Mpoza Joseph Mary. The school was granted Advanced Level status in 1990.


When the school was started, the following objectives were in mind.

  • To provide secondary education to children of the area where such a service was lacking.
  • To promote development of the area through education of the youth.
  • To prepare students for high education.
  • To promote and inculcate Christian values and principles through education.
  • To train the students to appreciate work and self-reliance so as to be useful citizens. These objectives have been observed to date.


St. Mary’s Secondary School is in Mpigi District and it is 80km from Kampala on the Kampala-Masaka Highway. Drive or take a taxi from Kampala New Taxi Park to Kayabwe Trading Centre just past the Equator and turn to the right. The school is 2km off the Highway and is quite a big place. It is near Nkozi Catholic Parish, Uganda Martyrs University and Nkozi Hospital.


(a) Academics.

The school offers the following subjects;

ORDINARY LEVEL;English, Literature in English, French, Luganda, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Commerce, Computer Studies, Fine art, Music, Entrepreneurship, and Swahili.

The school also has Cyber school technology which enables students to study a variety of science subjects on computers.


  • ARTS; History, Economics, Geography, Divinity, Literature in English, French, Luganda, Swahili,                        Entrepreneurship, and Fine art.
  • SCIENCES; Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Agriculture.


A lot of emphasis is put on developing the student’s talents. It is for this reason that every class gets Physical Education lessons at least once a week on addition to the Saturday compulsory morning jogging! Promoted games and sports include football (Both male and female), Rugby, Badminton, Athletics, Netball, Volleyball, and Chess. Music, Dance and Drama are highly emphasized.

The board of governors awards scholarships to specially gifted students in different fields.”


Christian values, Leadership and Self-reliance are taught and practiced in this school and considered paramount.

(d)Spiritual services.

The school has a full-time chaplain who caters for their spiritual needs affairs.

The religious affairs department organizes programs for students of other denominations that they may all be spiritually nourished.

(e) Internet services.

The school is connected to the global village. They find information and hold discussions, about their subjects from the Internet. The school also provides secretarial and photocopying services to the community around.



  • Good meals with a variety are served mainly reinforced by the school farm produce. The food is always             enough!
  • The students’ health is taken care of in the school’s sick bay; managed by a highly qualified nurse. Nkozi             hospital is also in the vicinity for complicated medical cases.
  • The clean specious and beautiful compound provides free movement and a calm atmosphere good for academic work.


Student’s social life is developed through the following  clubslike: Pro-Life Club, Interact club, Caritas movement club, Wild life club, Debating club, Anti-Aids club and             Scouts club and activities like: tours, video and educative film shows, music, dances, Drama, fellowships and church choir are commended by the school. The school also has gardens which are used for different activities.