St. Kizito Buyinja butoole


St. Kizito Buyinja butoole is a founded day primary school that was established in 1927 by Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) together with parents and local leaders. The school was established in response to the dire need of a school in vicinity and the teaching of catechism. However with the change of times and the necessary need for formal education, the school graduated into a primary school recognized by the ministry of Education in Uganda.


St Kizito Buyinjabutoole is located is located 80km west of Kampala capital city. It is found in Gombe district, Mpenja Sub County, Buyinjabutoole village. The school is 2 kilometers away from Mpenja sub county headquarters along Mpenja-Kanoni road.

OBJECTIVES: The school was established with a number of objectives as listed:

  • To provide a strong foundation of Christian values.
  • To equip learners with basic knowledge and skills through education awareness for self reliance.
  • To provide opportunities for all children to access quality education in order to alleviate poverty.

The school started in grass thatched structures in 1940’s but with time semi-permanent ones were put in place. The community gained full control over the school after the departure of the missionaries in the mid 1950’s and it was first headed by Mr. Aligaweesa Yoana.

Later on in 1991, the school was handed over to the congregation of the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix who are managing it up to date. The following are the heads of school since 1991.


Currently, the school has an enrollment of 957 pupils from Nursery to primary seven. As stated the school is headed by Sr. M.Magdalene Nalwanga who is assisted by a 14 staff members and 4 support staff. Due to uneven teacher pupil ratio, the school experiences a challenge of overcrowding in classes which has affected the teaching and learning process.

The school structures ‘houses inclusive which were constructed as early as 1940’s are in an appalling condition that they require immediate renovation. The walls have cracks, the floor and the verandahs are broken, and the roof is very old and leaking, rendering them risky to facilitate effective teaching and learning environment.

Formally, the existing classrooms were built to cater for a limited number of pupils, that is 1:50 pupils. Today they are congested to 1:130 pupils per class, that they are not spacious enough to accommodate the current number in the school. Below is the current school enrollment 


  • The school has a plan of constructing a three in one teacher’s house to replace the current one which is in a      very sorry state.
  • Due to increased population, the school has a plan of putting up a new seven stance pit latrine for boys.
  • Still, the school has a plan of constructing boarding section for boys and girls given the fact that some of the      pupils come from a far.


St. Kizito Primary school Buyinja Butoole

P.O. Box 24 MPIGI

Tel +256 772 691 731

Compiled by Sr .M. Magdalene and edited by Sr.M.Juliet Musoke