SCHOOL MISSION: To produce a God fearing, responsible and  educated holistic child


Cardinal Nsubuga Nursery and Lower primary school is a mixed Day school managed by the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix – Ggogonya .This school is however owned by Kampala Archdiocese. Unlike the lower primary section the Nursery section is registered in the Ministry of Education. It was founded and started in late 80’s by the late Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga with an intention of educating the young children by then living in the surrounding areas which were almost slums. It started as a small kindergarten with a small population of 42 children but now it has expanded with an enrollment of 233children

The Nursery section has three classes that is the baby, middle and top classes where members of the top class each year graduate to go to the primary section. The lower primary on the other hand has classes from primary one to primary four.


The school is located a few meters from Sacred Heart Cathedral Lubaga, Kampala District and governed by Kampala City Council Authority. Because it is in Kampala district it is right and fitting to say it is situated in the heart of the Capital.


  • To carry on the Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga’s dream of educating the slum children and other children of          this area.
  • To create a positive attitude within the slum children towards Education.
  • To bring up holistic children who are God fearing, responsible and value Education
  • To eradicate crime rate among the young children in the area hence, the school Motto “LET THE BLIND SEE”
  • To maximize discipline among teachers and pupils.


The school is currently headed by Sr. M. Flora Nalwoga, a graduate teacher who is assisted by a staff of 13 teachers all professionally trained at different levels. In addition, it has a support staff of 10 people helping with accounts, catering and security.


The school is blessed with teachers who are dedicated and committed to their work. They are effective and try their level best to teach the children and to be with them whenever possible throughout the year. The school assessment is based on two term tests given in Mid-term and at the end of the term.


The relationship between the school and parents is commendable and many times the parents are called to school on organized contact days to check on the performance of their children. This helps or rather brings up a closer relationship between teachers, parents and the child; Parents have become aware of their children’s weaknesses and positive areas. In this way, the teachers and parents as well, find a way of molding the children into the right path. The parents of Cardinal Nsubuga are therefore applauded for their activeness towards the betterment their their children.


At every end of the year, Graduation takes place to congratulate and bid farewell to top class children after their completion of the Nursery Level and this year the date for graduation will be communicated soon.

Every year we have either Sports Day or Tour in second term which our children enjoy so much!


  • To continue having refresher courses for the teachers.
  • To put up more new structures i.e. classrooms, offices, staffroom, stores and a well established Day care            centre
  • To continue buying some more relevant text books for the children.
  • There is need for teachers to go for up-grading courses.
  • To continue with contact-day programme where parents come to school to check on their children’s                 performance.
  • To continue fundraising or soliciting funds for the construction of more new structures and a big school van        which can accommodate a number of children.
  • We look forward to find aid for a water reservoir


Cardinal Nsubuga memorial School

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Tel +256 414 271 541 or +256 772 453 345

Our Mission

A body of joyful bearers of the gospel of restitution to our poor and marginalized brothers and sisters for the realization of the Kingdom of God

Our Vision

To lead people to a joyful experience of their redeemed human dignity; hence, participating in restoring the gracious relationship between God and creation through prayer and work

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