Cabana Villa convent is owned and managed by the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix- Ggogonya. The land on which this facility was built was given by the Arch-Diocese of Kampala and the Institute developed it by constructing a guest house that was officially opened in June 2006. As said its major purpose is a place for hosting visitors of all kinds that may wish to have their time with us in this facility.


Cabana Villa is located almost in the heart of the city; just three miles from the Capital at a place known as Nsambya in Ggogognya A along Ggogonya by Pass.


Presently Cabana villa has two permanent community members that is Sr. Monica Linda Namusisi as the Sr. Superior and Sr. Denis Samanya. The place is spacious enough with all the guest facilities and a chapel among other things. It can maximumly host fifteen guests comfortably however at peak moments the capacity can be increased.


The facility hosts members of the action aid three times a year

It also has a contract for medical workers in Kampala metropolitan once a year

  • We hope to start and finish the pending story re-construction and this will increase our capacity
  • We look forward to hosting more and more visitors

Cabana Villa Convent

P.O Box 71642

Tel +256 772 633382

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