Nkozi Marathon

The official launch of the Fundraising campaign

The Administrator of Nkozi Hospital Sr. Teddy Nakyanzi, says that increasing fatalities due to road accidents along Kampala Masaka highway is worrying.
Nkozi one of the Catholic Hospitals the only health facility at the regional referral level serving the whole 85 Km stretch road from Kampala is ever getting over whelmed by the number of accident victims.
Sr. Nakyanzi says the situation demands the hospital to have an efficient and effective causality unit to handle the injured and traumatized victims at Nkozi hospital.
The police traffic statistics show that Kampala- Masaka road is the worst in the world with more than 200 deaths of road users recorded in the first eight month of 2016.
The Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Spokesperson Charles Ssebambulidde promises proactive action along the road but they will also take a center stage in the charity run for emergency ward construction on June 15th 2019, that requires UShs 7 billion and so far only UShs 450 million has been realised. for the Accident Injury and Trauma Centre

CREDIT:This story first appeared on Radio Sapientia website


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