Message from the Superior General

Dear people of God, on behalf of the entire family of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix – Ggogonya (IHMR) and on my own behalf, I welcome you to our Institute. I thank God who in his loving mercy called us and consecrated us as His own.

We are grateful to God who enable us to hold the 11th Ordinary General Chapter of our Institute. I am glad to introduce to you the new leadership team that was elected on 15th October 2019 for a period of six years.

Sr. Maria Speranza Namusisi – Superior General

Sr. Maria Rita Namayanja –  1st Councilor/Vicaress

Sr. Maria Lawrence Namata – 2nd Councilor

Sr. Maria Nabakka – 3rd Councilor

Sr. Maria Josephine Victoria Sserabidde – 4th Councilor

It is our prayer that the Almighty w ho chose us in this service of authority will guide us to the end. We are committed to this service of our sisters and the people of God in the spirit of Reparation/Restitution.

Our call demands that we surrender ourselves daily to Christ so that he uses us as he wills. We are called to leave our comfort zones to open our hearts to Him so that we can participate in His mission of bringing Good News to the poor. His poor must regain their dignity through our consecration.


Originally known as the Auxiliary Sisters of Mary Reparatrix (ASMR), the Institute of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya (IHMR), was founded in 1927 by Archbishop Henri Streicher (M. Afr), with the Society of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix as our formators.  He collaborated with Sr. Maria Majella Nambi, who had transferred from the Daughters of Mary Bwanda and came to Entebbe with a burning desire to embrace a contemplative religious life in a Spirit of Reparation/ Restitution.





What we do


A body of joyful bearers of the gospel of restitution to our poor and marginalized brothers and sisters for the realization of the Kingdom of God


To lead people to a joyful experience of their redeemed human dignity; hence, participating in restoring the gracious relationship between God and creation through prayer and work