Cabana Nursery school


Cabana Nursery school is a school owned by sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya located right behind Cabana Restaurant 300 meters from the main road of Kampala-Entebbe on your way to the Airport.

It is in Katabi Sub-county, Busiro County inWakiso district. The school is sitting on approximately 1.5 acres of non-rented land. Cabana Nursery is named after our Founder the late Bishop Joseph Louis Cabana to honor and continue his act of love of children when he was still living.

It was founded in 1997 by the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya in the person of the late Sr. Mary Consolata.

 It is a pre-primary with an aim of modeling children from the age of 3-6 years.

 Current situation

The school is headed by Rev. Maria Sylivia Babirye who is a well-trained person in early childhood development. It has a staff of eight teachers all trained in handling and managing early childhood development with a population of 98 Pupils all in the day section.

 The school has a Van (above) for picking and dropping children to and from their homes.

 They are four classrooms ranging from baby, middle and top classes and the other with beds for resting after a shower since some pupils are picked late in the evening


To produce future health pupils and citizens who are spiritually, physically, morally, psychologically and intellectually shaped


To be a model school that leads in producing God-fearing children to build a healthy nation.


  • To render service to the children in Kawuku and surrounding areas through quality education and comprehensive training in other areas of life
  • To educate God-fearing and well trained/disciplined and responsible citizens
  • To open up a bright future to children at an early stage with special concern for the dis-advantaged ones
  • To create an atmosphere for children to associate freely with people in the open world away from home
  • To mould children to acquire sound moral values and standards of personal conduct

 Future Plans:

  • Given the funds; the school hopes to construct additional classrooms for the primary section
  • With an access of the necessary funds; the school is in need of a swimming pool for children especially in day care for refreshment

A need for computers so that children can cope with an advance in technology

  • A need for more playing materials for children



Cabana Nursery School

P.O Box 88 Kisubi -Uganda (EA)

                         Tel: + 256 772 589 179

                        + 256 704 187 677

                        +256 392 892849